WFR Drag Pro

Our WFR Drag Pro is a  drag rake for use behind a 4WD, truck or ATV. It uses adjustable a profile blade and has a finish rake for soft footing. It has Larger wheels and Tires on a full wheel bearing hub, it has a full adjustable profile ground blade behind the tires for ripping the ground, and then is has the rake blade on the rear for grading the ground for a smooth finish, both of these are adjustable in height and can be raised for general tranport when you are not dragging. Drag available in five foot, six foot widths.

Each Drag is custom hand built in our professional fabrication shop to assure quality and craftsmanship. And the finish is sprayed in our spray booth and baked to a perfect finish, all models are colored gloss black, but other colors may be done upon request.


General Construction Notes:

* Frame is built with 2" x 2" x (3/16" wall) steel tubing.

* Axle has heavy duty 4-bolt wheel bearing hubs.

* The system is operated with a standard manual jack on top of the frame down to the axle. Turning this jack raises and lowers the wheels, which in turn, raises and lowers the frame and ground contact points of the attachments.

* All joints are professionally welded for strength.

* All bolts are Grade 8 and using lock nuts for strength.

* Profile Blade is 1/4" steel plate welded to veritcal adjustable mounts.

* Rake Blade is 1/4" Aluminum custom cut on our CNC Machine.

* Includes standard plate reciever with 3/4" hole.

* Included side wheels to assure no scraping of round pen walls.

* The frame and all steel is primered and painted with high strength automotive paint for durability.



WFR Drag Pro 5' version   =  $ 2,650.00  plus tax and shipping.

WFR Drag Pro 6' version   =  $ 2,900.00  plus tax and shipping.



Add Reciever for 2" or 2-5/16" ball hitch = add $ 125.00

Replace profile blade with the ripping teeth attachment = add $ 225.00